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Factors Impacting Performance and Experience as a Clinical Research Associate

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Oftentimes, as new hire enters into their role, it’s their first position in the clinical research industry. On top of onboarding them to the organization and their daily tasks, it’s also important to onboard them to the industry. This industry is full of abbreviations, terminology, and regulations that will become an important part of their everyday work.

Where should you begin? What are the pieces that are most important to know? What resources are out there to help streamline this process? And remember that training does end after the onboarding process is over. What can you do to help your staff continue to learn?

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Webinar Publish Date:

February, 3rd, 2023

Tamer Abdel

Chief Technology and Product Officer

Bernard Dyson

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Jack Shannon

Chief Commercial Officer

Tim Bray

Chief Sourcing and Training Officer