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Am I working in a lab?
No, in fact, many CRAs work remotely and travel to the investigational site where the research study is being conducted by an investigator. You will be working with doctors and nurses in professional environments.

Who would hire me?
Opportunities for CRAs exist at Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, a university, hospital research center, or independent research firms contracted to test an investigational product in a clinical trial with human participants.

In what cities are the jobs located?
All over the globe! Clinical Research is conducted worldwide and professionals are needed where the research is being conducted. Where you train, does not necessarily need to be where you get hired.

What’s next after CRA? Is there potential for career growth?
Absolutely! With increasing experience, a CRA career track can progress to senior CRA, Clinical Trial Manager, Clinical Trial Director level positions and more! Future roles could include project management or clinical team leadership.

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