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Start a career in Clinical Research

Enroll in proven,
practical training

Learn the day-to-day skills and best practices of a Clinical Research professional.

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mentors & coaches

Receive career coaching that will prepare and support you as you enter the Clinical Research industry.

Impact medical

Become part of a global initiative to advance medical innovation and impact thousands of patients’ lives.

Why train with us?

With accelerated training, mentoring, and career coaching you can develop the necessary skills, not only to get hired in Clinical Research quickly but also to advance faster and build a thriving career. Training can be completed online in under six weeks.

Over 60,000+ Jobs Open.

Clinical Research
Career Benefit

Train online for your career in Clinical Research and join a $100 billion+ industry.


Earn a competitive salary.

Clinical Research professionals earn anywhere from $45K-$120K+ per year, depending on location, experience, and position. The average salary for a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) in the U.S. is currently around $65,560 per year. The average salary for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in the U.S. is currently around $73,828 per year.

Grow and advance quickly.

Clinical Research roles offer high growth potential for professionals seeking advancement, both within the first year of employment and long term. Students who completed training in 2016 or 2017 are now working as Senior Site Directors, Clinical Research Scientists, advanced Site Developers and other advanced roles. Trainees who finished their course last year are already transitioning to CRA II positions or data management.

Enjoy an engaging &

rewarding career.

Clinical Research professionals get to work on the cutting edge of medicine to improve science and ultimately change thousands of patients’ lives for the better.

Virtual Training Programs
to Fit Your Life

Our programs are created with you in mind to help you create the future you want.


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Our bootcamp training course for entry-level clinical research professionals can be completed in anywhere from 3-6 weeks!