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Hire in a whole
new way

Talent as a service

A new way to recruit, replenish, and retain
top talent in Clinical Research.


Source candidates with the right educational experience that mitigates some lack of experience.


Utilize state-of-the-art scientific sourcing tech that selects candidates with DNA to be exceptional performers.


Deploy the most advanced ed tech that teaches and provides necessary practice – trainees must demonstrate they can do the job.

A global source of talent

For CROs, we globally source recent college graduates and those in adjacent careers with qualified backgrounds from university partners and other channels, prepare them with “gold standard” training for high-demand roles, and deploy a continuous bench of new talent at scale.

We complement
your HR team

The supply-demand gap for clinical research talent is acute and growing, reducing positive outcomes for all. New patient treatments are slowed, revenue is lost, and the lack of new talent increases demands on existing resources, accelerating turnover.

There’s a better way to source, train, and deploy the new talent CROs need, and to do so globally, at scale. It compliments your existing approach with a new supply of talent. We welcome inquiries from CROs to show you how.

Gold standard training

We teach how to monitor clinical trials, effectively influence investigator sites, and all essential job tasks

See how our talent performs

Get visibility into test scores, hard and soft skills, and actual outcomes to evaluate candidates’ maturity

Staff at scale

Our global university partnerships allow us to select, train, and deploy thousands at a time

Ramp up your bench
of new resources

We’re changing the way CROs hire

Show Me How