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Start a career in Clinical Research

Virb extends and saves lives by sourcing, training, and deploying new talent into the life sciences industry globally in weeks.

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A career in Clinical Research with Virb

As a Virber, a career in Clinical Research includes several financial, lifestyle, and community benefits only found at Virb.


Be your own boss

You have choices and flexibility in your work schedule, location, and time off as contractor

Get paid to learn

You are paid during virtual training, with a guaranteed well-paying job awaiting successful candidates

Everyone Welcome

Job and career opportunities abound for disadvantaged and underserved communities

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The free global Virber community provides career support, networking, and upskilling

Begin A Career In Clinical Research

Clinical research is how new medical treatments are discovered. Clinical trials test new drugs and devices to make sure they work and are safe, essential to improve health for ourselves, our families, and people across the world. Different jobs are needed to conduct trials, including those who monitor progress and others who help clean, report, and analyze data. There are more job openings than people to fill them, making Clinical Research a great career opportunity. Most jobs don’t require advanced degrees. The challenge is getting that first job. This is where Virb comes in.

Your Bridge To A High Paying, Rewarding Career

Virb is your bridge to a career in clinical research. We make recent college graduates who qualify, and those looking to upgrade their employment, job-ready for guaranteed contract positions in life science companies. Entry-level jobs in the US typically pay $30.00 to $50.00 or more per hour. You are paid for virtual training while you attend. Once you have 12-18 months of experience as a contractor, you can choose to continue being your own boss as a contractor or you can choose to go in-house. Let us help you get the training and real work experience you need.

The Virb Training Experience