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It’s Time

To Do Something Different

Virb has a proven new way to build the next-generation clinical research workforce.


Virb is the #1 AI platform for scaling your clinical research workforce

Reduce Operating Costs

Take your fixed costs and make them variable

Speed time-to-revenue

Improve time to revenue in 8 weeks

Source Faster

Scale globally to over 10 countries immediately

Experiential Upskilling

Lower cost, train faster, add scalability, and deliver data-driven insights.

Industry Leading Results


Faster than internal recruitment


Employee retention rate


Operating cost reduction
Leading Clinical Research Organization

Don't just take our word for it

Powerful Alone, Better Together

Each Virb product is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

What We're About

Virb was made to meet your business needs without adding unnecessary complexity.

Virb gives the 65 billion dollar Clinical Research industry the flexibility to move quickly to accelerate time to productivity by scaling recruiting, sourcing, and training efforts globally.

Why not look at a more flexible, cost-effective way of doing things?  Don’t just keep adding more recruiting and training resources to your own payroll.  We can take your fixed costs and make them variable, source faster than your own teams, and train in a way that shortens the time for resources to become productive.

We can scale globally, providing resources ‘just-in-time’ based on your needs. Implementing a full Virb partnership will allow you to resource effectively and very simply, accelerate outcomes, deliver better for your business, and at the same time courageously take costs out.  Your CEO and CFO will love you for it!

Frequently asked questions

How is Virb a different approach from our competitors?

Some companies can provide resources, others can train them. At Virb, we recruit, train, and deploy resources to order, at scale, globally.

Why Virb is our hiring and training solution the choice over our competitors?

  • Easy implementation– Our solutions are easy to use and implement into your current processes.
  • Powerful reporting– all tailored to your unique needs
  • Built to scale– as your organization grows, Virb can handle the scale
  • Innovation– it’s just who we are – innovation is in our DNA
  • Partnership– we will be there when you need us

Why Virb is different than your in-house solution?

  • We are experts at finding the talent you need, and training the talent to be job-ready (not just to be able to pass a test!).  Customer experience has proved that:
    • Virb can find suitable candidates 25% more quickly than our customers
    • Customers have final approval of candidates and approve 75%* of candidates proposed by Virb, saving significant time and effort in screening and interviewing internally
    • Candidates accepted pay rates lower than our customer’s internal hires, by more than 10%, as a result of our wide range of partnerships and sourcing channels
    • Training duration has been reduced by 29%, via a combination of state-of-the-art programs, intensive training, and AI-enhanced candidate performance tracking

How is Virb different than a staffing company?

  • Virb specializes in clinical research. We understand the industry’s challenges and have designed solutions to address them. We don’t do anything else.
  • We find suitable candidates for clinical research, at scale, and globally.  Then, we train them to be ready to go into the field and deliver outstanding results for you.

What is Virb guaranteeing our clients?

If someone we place leaves within 3 months, we replace them, free of charge.

"My internal support teams were nervous and scared, but after the first week we quickly realized we made the right decision to work with Virb"

Rob Yousefi

A team with more than 50+ years of combined experience

We’ve seen how the ‘War for Talent’ and skills shortage has affected the industry. Virb is led by former pharmaceutical, CRO, and technology executives with a passion for sourcing, training, and hiring in completely new ways to close the demand-supply gap in Clinical Research.

Our vision is to be the business partner of choice in the life sciences industry for sourcing, training, and deploying world-class Clinical Research talent in a whole new way. As well, we provide recent university graduates and others with opportunities for well-paying jobs and a career that matters and has purpose.

Garrett WalkerFounder and CEO

Jody Vilensky

Chief Commercial Officer

Jody has 20+ years of global executive experience in commercial and operational leadership roles within the clinical research and pharmaceutical industries including 3 of the top 6 CRO’s.  She is a strategic provocative leader that has built and transformed organizations with passion for developing people and delivering customer differentiated solutions.

Tim Bray

Chief Sourcing and Training Officer

Tim is one of the industry’s top learning executives with 30+ years of life science experience in roles such as CHRO and Chief Learning Officer for a top Pharma and a CRO.

Joe Budzienski

Chief Operating Officer

Joe has over 15 years of product, technology and operations experience starting his own HR tech companies with successful exits.

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